When I'm not building bespoke WordPress sites with the team at Nebulo, I'm working on solo freelance projects. Here are some examples of those:

JM Woodcraft

Live site

A commercial website for a carpenter.

Jack wanted a shop-window for his woodcrafting and carpentry skills. His key objective was to be able to demonstrate to visitors the breadth of his services, and that he has an active, thriving business with a healthy turnover of projects.

We identified that the WordPress content management system would provide the platform he needed to show this. I created a simple, minimal theme with a 'project' custom post type. This enables him to easily upload images and info about his handiwork over time, via a user-friendly admin interface.

These posts form an organically growing archive of projects which are sorted under categories and tags, and thus easily navigated by a visitor looking for a particular type of job. Images added to a post automatically display in a carousel slider, so users are served detailed visual evidence of Jack's work.

Tech Stack: WordPress, Sass, jQuery, Gulp, Git

John Hosking

Live site

A portfolio website for an artist.

John's family wanted to celebrate his life's work with an online archive of his painting and printmaking.

As this would become a fixed archive, as opposed to a dynamic one with content being added or changed over time, we decided to build a static site. This means that there is no content management system to provide a user-friendly interface for the family to add to the archive themselves. I therefore took on the task of organising, editing and populating the site with all of its content.

There are many benefits to choosing this static site architecture. Firstly, the site is faster, with no server-side dynamic rendering of resources. It is also more secure as there is no database or CMS to breach. And hosting costs are extremely low, as the site requires minimal server support. The result is that the family can keep John's portfolio site up and running indefinitely with no ongoing maintenance or expenses.

Tech Stack: Sass, Nunjucks, jQuery, Gulp, Git

Pen & Plant

Live site launching soon!

An online portfolio and shop for an illustrator.

The project was conceived to provide a showcase for the client's self-directed collections of botanical illustrations, and attract commissions for this work. Pen & Plant had an existing brand identity as a designer/maker of small decorative objects and wearables, so the website also needed to incorporate e-commerce for selling these items directly to the customer.

I created a site that attempts to balance a neutral aesthetic, to highlight the client's own work, with the functionality neccessary to make it an effective, accessible, fully-featured online shop.

I chose to build a bespoke child-theme of the Storefront theme, made by WooCommerce themselves. Using this as a basis, along with minimal use of 3rd party plugins, keeps the codebase lightweight, secure and easily maintainable.

Tech Stack: WordPress, WooCommerce, Sass, jQuery, Gulp, Git

Ellis Bolton

Live site

A portfolio website for an illustrator.

Ellis was looking for a website to showcase her work. As an emerging illustrator, she wanted a site that could be fully adaptable and extendable over time as her body of work grows and her practice develops.

I have built a WordPress site based on the _underscores starter theme by Automattic, the people behind WordPress. This platform and theme provides an ideal foundation to build upon - I have created a simple site that can grow and evolve and incorporate all manner of functionality including a shop.

Currently, Ellis can generate individual project pages herself, each displaying a tiled gallery of images that can be opened in a full-screen lightbox overlay and easily scrolled through.

Tech Stack: Wordpress, Sass, jQuery, Gulp, Git

Daniel Addison Lyrics Archive

Live site

A documentation website for a songwriter.

Documentation sites are very common in software development and computer science. As businesses and organisations have shifted toward making everything paperless and digital, they have become an essential resource for all manner of user-guides, white papers, reference material etc.

I therefore felt it would be valuable to develop a workflow for generating documentation sites using a static site generator. I chose to use Docsify, and to archive all of my original song lyrics as a proof of concept.

This workflow provides an efficient way to pull in content written in Markdown, and convert it to static html pages. Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax, and has become very popular with writers as well as developers.

Apart from the landing page, I have kept the site aesthetically neutral. It is intended to convey only the words on the screen, with nothing to distract from this content.

Tech Stack: Markdown, Javascript, Docsify, Git