Dan Addison

Web Developer

I'm a web developer from Folkestone with a background in art and music. I have been delivering bespoke websites for clients since 2017, both solo and with design agency Nebulo.

This work satisfies some of my key drives: for being analytical and pragmatic, for creating compelling things, and for sharing with others. I love learning, I love the small technical details, and I love steering a project from conception through to completion.


jm-woodcraft.com screenshot


Bespoke WordPress site for a carpenter.

Tech stack: WordPress, Sass, jQuery, Gulp

johnhosking.com screenshot


A portfolio website for an artist.

Tech stack: Sass, Nunjucks, jQuery, Gulp

dan4ruby.com screenshot


Wedding event information website.

Tech stack: Sass, Nunjucks, jQuery, Gulp

ellisbolton.com screenshot


A portfolio website for an illustrator.

Tech stack: Gatsby, React, Rebass, Styled Components

Pen & Plant website screenshot


An online portfolio and shop for an illustrator.

Tech stack: WordPress, WooCommerce, Sass, Gulp

daniel-addison-lyrics-archive screenshot


A documentation website for a songwriter.

Tech stack: Markdown, Javascript, Docsify


Web Developer


June 2018 - present

Building bespoke WordPress websites within a small design agency, I am responsible for front end development. I work closely with two designers, with input from a part-time back-end developer. My role also includes client support and consultation. Our clients are primarily in the arts, education, and charity sectors.

Freelance Web Developer

Self Employed

September 2017 - present

I have designed, developed and launched 10 client websites to date, from simple portfolio sites built on Vue.js to e-commerce sites built on WordPress. I pride myself on solving problems for cash-strapped and time-poor creative individuals and businesses by taking them through the process as frictionlessly as possible.

Triennial Host

Creative Folkestone

2014 and 2017

Assisting in two consecutive major public art exhibitions. Leveraging my arts education, my local knowledge, and also my customer service experience to help visitors engage fully with individual works and with the exhibition as a whole. I also produced a YouTube video review of the exhibition which Creative Folkestone showed directly to many of the country's top art execs and curators.

Control Centre Operator

Folkestone & Hythe District Council

January 2015 - June 2018

Handling emergency Lifeline calls from elderly and vulnerable clients. Also handling emergency Out of Hours calls for Shepway Council and Thanet Council. The role demanded efficient prioritising and rigorous attention to detail while under pressure, a level-headed approach to problem solving, and a passion for helping people and protecting their dignity.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Accessibility and UX principles
  • Content Management solutions
  • Clean, semantic, maintainable code


I love low-angle sunshine, family and friends, indie cinema, languid bike rides, calisthenics, literary fiction, summer sea swimming, Shane Carruth, Alex Honnold, Rose Namajunas, Kendrick Lamar and Alan Partridge.

I also make music, and sometimes videos, and occasionally I make artistic contributions to Strange Cargo Arts. So... here's a video I made of a Strange Cargo event that features my music!